Product Design


Design a platform for both buyers and suppliers who wants to have quick, anonymous trade. Basically creating marketplaces online and manage them simultaneously.


  • Brand Identity

  • Wireframing and User Flows

  • Prototyping

  • UI Design

  • Landing Page Design

  • Managing Offshore Dev Team


  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Invision

The brief was to create a platform where buyers and suppliers meet and do business. After some iterations on the concept, I came up with the idea to design an online marketplace similar to real life, where every marketplace is specific to single buyers need. We polished the idea through long product meetings after which I started user flow work.
User Flow
Although both buyers and suppliers would end up in the same marketplace, their journey to reach said marketplace was totally different. They had different processes to create their profiles and join marketplaces. On buyer side, it was them creating the marketplace and on the supplier side, they were the ones to choose which marketplace to join, according to the products they can supply. This lead to a two pronged user flow creation.
Initial Design
With the knowledge, what are the pages buyer and supplier have in common, I started to design the product. Laying out the common areas and adding different tabs to have buyer/supplier specific pages.
Mobile Design
Mobile design phase was one of the most challenging. On the desktop version, the space allowed me to make offers and messages on the marketplace visible to the users at all times. But moving to mobile, all that content needed to be displayed in a much smaller space, which added few more steps to reach to some areas, keeping the full functionality of the product intact.
Icon Design
The icon set designed in line with the general product styling.
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