NatWest concept mobile app

Mobile App Design


This was a personal design study, aiming to hone my mobile design skills.


  • UI Design

  • Icon Design


  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

Before NatWest got their award-winning mobile app released, I was using their old mobile app for most of my banking. The redesign somewhat disappointed me, UI was not as attractive, the experience was not as smooth and user-friendly. As a result I decided to try out a redesign of my own and make, what i think, are better design choices. By coincidence, the next NatWest redesign resembled what I had done for this project.
Initial Design
After examining the old app thoroughly, I realised that there are some actions which any user would use frequently but are relatively hidden or need a few taps to reach. By creating better clustering, I improved the UX and definitely it became a nicer looking app with a fresh, clean design.
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